The versatility of the solutions we offer means diverse industries are well catered for, with all their peculiar needs. Our objective is to provide value to enhance your bottom and your unique proposition to your customers delivered through your most valuable asset, your employees


Manufacturing & Transport

Regulation and technology, globalisation and standards are putting demands on manufacturing and transport industries to drive competitivenes through continual learning at every level and touchpoint, ignoring this is to one’s own peril.

Banking, Insurance & Technology

Technology is now so pervasive across all industries, and especially so in the financial sector. Learning must be continual to keep up with all updates and features that make digitalisation a key business driver.

Services, Retail & Hospitality

Operational knowledge within service industries quickly becomes tacit and subjective if it is not reinforced through continual reminders. This is also key for uniformity of service delivery across branches and geographies.

Public Sector

Create a Performance Driven Culture

Gamification, leaderboards and peer assesments are all aimed at nurturing a performance driven culture. This is less costly all round and resources can be redirected elsewhere they are needed more.

Make Learning Continuous & Engaging

Learning that is delivered in an interactive way keeps your workforce engaged and motivated. On demand learning makes it possible to keep up with all the knowledge and information to execute duties expeditiously.

Drive Efficiency While Reducing Costs

The public sector generally operates on a tight budget yet its constituency continue to demand more and more quality service provision. Affordable, on demand learning can makes it possible to keep up with all the information.


Membership Associations

Knowledge and skills required for roles are moving at the speed of technology, and technology itself moving quite fast. Membership associations need to ensure their professionals are in step.


The level and quality of tertiary education is foundational and has been linked to the development index of a country. As skills and the amount of knowledge increases, it is critical to impart these at the right point in time.

Primary and Secondary

Access to education is still a challenge in many developing economies, and our solutions address this right at the early stages. This prepares them early for the later stages of life.


Dispersed Workforce & Volunteers

Not for profit workforce and volunteers are often dispersed across geographies and means of communication often a challenge. However, training must still be disbursed and consumed for objectives to met on time.

Redirect Resources To Making A Difference

With savings on volunteers and workforce classroom training, other initiatives that benefit the beneficiaries directly like skills training can be implemented and rolled out on a large scale within a reasonably small budget.

Track & Measure Learning Outcomes

learning outcomes are easy to track and measure, and modifications to learning material made with a few clicks, and quickly redeployed without affecting the learners pace nor motivation.


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5 Key Components of a Digital Strategy

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