With our suite of services we provide you the best expertise and software-as-a service solutions to support your organisational goals and add value to your brand.

eLearning System Implementation
Learning Technologies Selection

Organisations need to rethink the way learning happens and knowledge is curated! We can help you select, customise and brand the right technologies for learning management, digital adoption, content authoring.

Content Sourcing And Customisation

Knowledge and skills are always evolving, especially in the current digital age. We will help you source the great, affordable content that fits your business objectives while you focus on your core business!

Implementation And Training

Implementation and training of any new system are key for its adoption and return on investment. We train key users of the sytem like admins, functional heads, external partners and the IT department to ensure a smooth adoption, whatever your use case.

E-Commerce Business Implementation
Claim your financial freedom, go digital!

Do you feel constrained by your 8 – 5 job and living from paycheck to paycheck, work overload and a boss you don’t even like? Do you feel your skills are not getting the recognition and reward they deserve? Then its time to start an online business! And we can help…

Expand your market reach, claim your share!

Strictly offline businesses whether large or small, just don’t cut it anymore! In 2020 ecommerce grew by the equivalent of a decade in just eight weeks! And 76% of sellers think this is the right time to take their business online!

DIGIPRENEUR Academy, for serious preneurs!

Learn a proven framework to choose, setup and scale your best online business without spending a fortune on developers, with zero coding knowledge, no tech overwhelm and no frustrations, all within just 8 weeks!

Custom Content Development
Tacit Corporate Knowledge

Tacit knowledge residing in the heads of your in-house experts if not harnessed can cost an organisation huge amounts of money and lost opportunities! We can help you turn that knowledge into engaging elearning courses.

Curating Classroom Training Material

Or maybe you have peculiar training material  for your organisation that is in classroom formatl? No worries, we can also help transform that into elearning and have it hosted on your own Learning Management System!

Marketing And Other Messages

Perhaps you wish to create captivating animated explainer, marketing or other videos? We’ve got your back. Just get in touch with us and we will work with you from your concept to final product.


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Consultation

While digital transformation may be confusing to some, it’s about adding value by harnessing technology to drive processes, competencies and serve the customer better in an increasingly digital world. We remove that overwhelm!

Digital Transformation Skills Training

The success of any digital transformation intiative is so heavily hinged on the culture and skills, both soft and hard skills. Browse our courses catalogues to find the right courses for your team or organisation. We also source and deliver specialised courses on request.

App Marketplace

We have curated some of the best tools to assist your digital transformation journey. These few essentials can be quickly and flexibly implemented and will release you and your team to focus on the main thing!



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5 Key Components of a Digital Strategy

5 Key Components of a Digital Strategy

The times that we are in currently are unprecedented and require businesses to reimagine the way they operate. I’m sure you have heard this often enough ‘it cannot be business as usual’. There are fearss of some businesses not making it through this time and many businesses are revisiting their models and strategies to reposition themselves. Yet it is not all gloom and doom.