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The times we are currently in are unprecedented and require businesses to reimagine the way they do things. Join your host Linda Chitemere, a technology enthusiast, entrepreneur and co-founder of CriticalSkills360 as she and her guests share on business, innovation, learning and productivity insights that will help organisations accelerate their digital transformation to improve their agility, resilience and even scale their business in these increasingly complex and turbulent times! REIMAGINING is a fortnightly podcast brought to you by CritalSkill360.


Linda Chitemere  –  Host

Episode 1: 10 Essential Tools For Putting Your Business Online

We know that every crisis presents challenges and opportunities and it is up to one to choose what they will focus on. This episode explores the challenges and opportunities that Covid-19 has brought in its wake and the incresingly complex business envrionment that demands that businesses relook at their strategies. We will also look at the 5 key ingredients of any business strategy, how businesses can leverage the tools we will present to be more agile and responsive.and the tricks for successful within budget implementation of these recommended essential tools.

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    5 Key Components of a Digital Strategy

    The times that we are in currently are unprecedented and require businesses to reimagine the way they operate. I’m sure you have heard this often enough ‘it cannot be business as usual’. There are fearss of some businesses not making it through this time and many businesses are revisiting their models and strategies to reposition themselves. Yet it is not all gloom and doom.