Board Management


All forms of organisations can gain a competitive edge and stakeholder trust through their boards having a corporate governance framework that uses analytics and insights to spot risks, opportunities and challenges.


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Our suite of software empowers boards and committees to have real insight into their organisations and make decisions based on real analytical data while complying to governance issues and keeping their pulse on their organisations and trends in their industry.



onboarding new members

Deliver contextual help to new board members as they learn the company’s business and get up to speed with previous meetings.

secure collaboration

Collaborate in a secure environment among members and across committes, sharing documents and allowing digital signatures.

ensuring compliance

Map regulatory requirements, company guidelines and policies and track their compliance throughout the organisation.

access to director data

Dashboard showing member diversity, effectivesness, expertise and interlocks help to identify improvement interventions.

reducing meeting costs

 Reduce stationery costs and travel expenses to board meetings while ensuring meetings are not delayed nor quality affected.


board evaluations

Carry out board evaluations and provide curated news and resources to keep your board up to date with industry trends.

meeting preparation & archive

Plan, conduct and manage your meetings from a secure portal entral and store all the information for later retrieval at will.


real time analytics

Keep your pulse on organisation performance, tasks, goals, KPIs etc from your dashboard and comprehensive reports.

multi device access

Cloud hosted and accessible through multiple devices including wearables. Comes with offline support with data being synced when next online.

multi board support

Conveniently support several boards and committees and allow members to integrate the other boards they’re serving on.

Community Governance Support


Allows local authorities’ and public schools’ administrators, board members, council members and parents’ committees to collaborate more effectively and drive more efficiency.


permission management

Accessibility and transparency standards that engender inclusivity,  community engagement and better decision making.

agenda & meeting management

Helps administrators, council and committee members serve better by collaborating more effectively and driving more efficiency.

web based

Remote access for different type devices ensures better engagement and documents stored in the cloud for easy retrieval. 

Some of the companies that use the software we support:


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