CriticalSkills360 suite of learning and performance support platforms enable companies, government departments, universities, schools, NGOs, professional bodies etc to deliver intelligent, personalised, on-the-job learning to employees, students, customers, sales channel and other partners and members increasing productivity, ROI and directly aligning learning to goals at a fraction of the cost of other delivery methods.  

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Learning Management and Engagement Systems

The CriticalSkills360 suite of LMSs are platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions built to deliver flexible online training on any device through various methods like self-paced, instructor-led and webinars. The LMSs fully support e-learning standards like SCORM and TinCan and are extendable through add-ons and APIs to hook up to your existing or new software like HR software.

Digital Adoption and Performance Support 

Did you know that learners remember only 30% of  what they learn through formal training and that formal training is only 20% of all employee learning? That means 80% is on-the-job learning. With our GPS for software, your employees won’t get stuck and you can reduce the time and resources spent on formal training and on support from IT and other internal and external resources.

Board Management and Engagement Systems

The adage everything rises and falls on leadership is so true for boards as they provide the strategic and stewardship direction and barometer for the organisations they lead. If strong governance practises and capabilities are not evident at this level, the rest of the organisation will follow the signals they receive from the top. 


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