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Our catalogue contains a range of expert designed self-paced and instructor-led courses and learning paths covering diverse disciplines and different expertise levels.


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Organisational Productivity

Courses improve teams’ and organisations’ productivity by bringing all employees to a higher and similar skills and knowledge level thus eliminating weak links.

Personal Development


Improve your potential and career prospects through learning new skills that develop your strengths and talents and closing those sabotaging skills gaps .



 Leadership skills are critical skills that every professional needs to succeed in today’s business and social environments and cover self and organisational leadership.



 Courses cover various management topics that are applicable across functional areas and prepare you to to become a successful manager and for general management.

HR & Employee Development

Courses cover recruitment, on-boarding, development and training of employees to ensure they have the skills to meet the organisation’s objectives.



Entrepreneurship now plays an important role in today’s society and courses explore developing, organising and managing entrepreneurial ventures.

Sales & Marketing


 Courses are targeted at entrepreneurs and professionals that wish to develop and enhance their conventional and digital sales and marketing skills.

Administrative Assistant

 Courses provide office skills that learners need to function and excel in administrative roles in a professional office environment and provide support to other roles .


Other Expert Tracks

This catalogue contains courses and learning paths that are carefully designed and grouped together to help you achieve expertise in a certain discipline.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

New Manager Track

Sales and Marketing Power Duo

Personal Development Suite

Organisational Productivity Toolkit

Premium Courses

Microsoft Excel

Banking suite


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