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The world is now a global stage, tackle it with confidence whether it is for leisure or business with courses led by experienced and qualified native language speakers.

Business & Management

This category contains courses and learning paths to round out your business knowledge in a modern organisation.


These courses and learning paths are targeted towards technology professionals and developers and come in different levels from beginner to advanced levels.  

Banking & Finance

These courses and programs are targeted towards banking and finance professionals or those wishing to become highly skilled and employable in those fields. 

Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Renewable energy and sustainability are now a key imperative for any organisation such that skills are in even greater demand. Enhance your marketability by taking relevant courses.

IT & Digital

The IT and digital economy has become so critical for the survival and growth of any economic or social endeavour. Courses and learning paths in this category will help you take scale this era. 

Creativity & Design

Discover or enhance your creative streak with our courses and learning paths covering graphic design and creative arts among others.


Certification courses are targeted towards those wishing to get globally recognised qualifications that are issued by recognised bodies and these are across all disciplines in our catalogue.


This category covers all courses and learning paths in animal and crop husbandry and other related farming and farm management courses. 


Courses and learning paths contained in this category are those that are mandatory for an organisation’s employees to undertake for alignment and compliance purposes.

Free Courses

Free courses to introduce you to and enhance your learning experience are found here. Go ahead and enroll. Spaces are limited

Expert Tracks

This catalogue contains courses and learning paths that are carefully designed and grouped together to help you achieve expertise in a certain discipline.


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