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Award Winning Platform

The courses use the state-of-the-art speech recognition engine used by Apple and Google, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Accessible Through Multiple Devices

Practice and improve your language skills on any device, on the go, anytime and anywhere on Android, iOS and the Web.

Available in 41+ Languages

With 41 languages and counting, you have a wide range to choose from. Especially handy for corporate teams.

Rich Audio & Visual Content

Audio and visual content with rich scenarios of everyday interactions and common phrases, not individual words.

Content Designed for Various Professions

Courses designed for various professions to improve their job opportunities in the 5 areas covering health, restaurants, shop, hotel and flight staff.

3 Distinct Proficiency Levels

Proficiency levels of beginner, imtermediate and advanced that can be practised through real conversations with native professional speakers.

Reinforce Through Various Methods

We have individual classes, group classes, a smart repetition engine and chatbot to help you learn andreinforce your language skills.

Don't Leave The Children Behind

Take your children along the learning advanture. We have a section of the app dedicated to to teaching children foreign languages in a fun way.

Available Languages: Spanish, American English, British English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Romanian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Hebrew, Polish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, Croatian


What Our Students Say

I’ve been using these app for around 5 minutes and it is already my new favorite language learning app! I’ve used many in the past but none have been as “smart” as this app! It’s very well designed and thought-out, allowing quick and easy learning! I am currently learning Japanese. I believe I’ll progress significantly faster than ever before.

Sandro Magradze

What I like about the app itself: The variety of ways used to teach and reinforce new vocabulary & skills, like grammar, is very effective. The simple point system and stars are just enough of gamification to keep me going. (It’s so easy to just one more lesson because they’re so short!) And it’s awesome to find an app with Finnish, a rarity.


This app teaches conversational parts of the language, much better than other language programs which start teaching you random nouns. Excellent app, highly recommend!

Avram Walden

Expert Tracks

This catalogue contains courses and learning paths that are carefully designed and grouped together to help you achieve expertise in a certain discipline.


Become A Digital Marketer

Courses teach tools and techniques to leverage and optimise technology to increase brand visibility and reach of people for your product or service.

New Manager Track


Learn core management skills to help you succeed in your new role. Courses cover communication, coaching, leadership, delegation, performance management

Certification Courses


Upgrade your subscribed plan to access premium courses that offer globally recognised certification from reputable global institutions. Terms and conditions apply.

Free Courses & Resources

Free courses and downloadable resources to introduce you to and enhance your learning experience are found here. Go ahead and enroll. Spaces are limited.

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Our catalogue contains a range of expert designed self-paced and instructor-led courses and learning paths covering diverse disciplines and different expertise levels.


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