Enterprise    Platform Features

Whatever the enterprise and use case is, one of the learning management systems in our suite is sure to be able to handle. Features differ from use case to use case so get in touch with your learning project.

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Business, Public Sector, Not-For-Profit Platform Features

The suite of LMSs we work with are context sensitive and deliver the best features for a modern learning experience that is mobile focused.

Highly Secure

User aunthetication and authorisation which ensures the highest standard of security and privacy for your system coming as single sign-on.

Custom Branding

You can white-label your platform by adding your logo, colour scheme, custom layout and sub-domain. The platform will represent you and your brand.

Highly Scalable

Start with one team and scale to the rest of the organisation or multinational branches and easily intergrate with your business tools like CRM, HR, etc

Analytics and Reporting

Drive business decisions and learning experiences through personalised dashboard analytics and customisable and exportable feature rich reports.

Artificial Intelligence Powered

Receive or facilitate personalised and automated learning in the flow of work where and when it is needed.                          

In-built Content Authoring

Create bespoke content with the in-built content tools. Capture your organisation’s tacit knowledge and cascade it where it is needed within and outside.

Multi Portal

Support your sales team’s effectiveness, your channel partners and customer service with relevant knowledge to drive your competitiveness. 

Cloud Based

Deliver learning on-demand, anytime, anywhere using a browser or our offline mobile app to employee, on-boarding or your sales channel etc.

Implementation Support

Worried that you don’t have the right IT skills to launchyour learning experience? Our team of specialists are available to assist every step of the way.

Multiple Content Types

Create , curate and deliver different content types like Word, PDF, PPT, HTML, Video, Vimeo and import from different libraries of learning content.

Learning Record Store

Our learning record store allows you to store all your learners’ progress data and interchange the data with other learning and enterprise systems.

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