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 We are passionate about transforming the learning and performance of individuals, teams and organisations, and we apply that passion, our technologies and solutions to ensure our every clients is empowered to succeed!  


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It is a known fact that teams, organisations, and dare we say economies are as strong as their weakest link and the current pace of digitalisation demands that individual and corporate skills be continually and quickly upgraded to eliminate weak links, stay competitive and abreast the global transformation

About CriticalSkills360 

 CriticalSkills360 is a provider of innovative and specialised learning solutions and technologies that empower learners for the global digital landscape. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals is commited to delivering quality services to complement the award winning technologies we offer in our suite.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a leading and respected learning and productivity solution provider on the African continent and our mission is to contibute to the development of the African continent by delivering quality and affordable learning and support tools to individuals, teams and organisations.

What We Offer

Our end-to-end solutions range from needs analysis, course development and authoring, off the shelf course provision and managent to learning delivery and support.

iNdividual, Team & organisation elearning

Flexibility is built into our elearning and blended learning offers to meet different use cases while enhancing engagement and learning outcomes within budget.

off-the-shelf course content

We can accelerate your elearning project by populating your LMS with off-the-shelf courses covering diverse topics developed in-house and by our trusted partners .

learning & Digital adoption platforms

Our platforms provide flexible on-the-go learning through any device and added options for individualised context in-the-line of work learning for certain digitally aligned skills.

board management & productivity tools

 Skills without the tools to work with lead to frustration. We provide the right tools to complement skills learnt and our App Store boasts our most trusted and recommended tools.

consulting & project management services

We provide technology and implementation consulting and services covering online business, elearning ecosystems and digitalisation as well as an app marketplace to support varied requirements.

custom course & content development

We leverage the tacit knowledge of your inhouse experts and your curated classroom content to create custom elearning courses as well as marketing content for your organisation


This is the place where we take digital entrepreneurs through a step-by-step process of setting up their online business as a system and a set of capabilities that help them reach their goals more efficiently and within record time!

Why Learn With Us

User Centric Experiences

Our users are at the centre of everything we do. We offer the elearning through any mobile device, online and offline with the capability to sync back when next online. The user interface is intuitive and the navigation so easy to make the learning enjoyable. Games and gamification make learning engaging and progress is easily tracked through analytics and personal dashboards.

Expertly Designed Courses

Our courses are expertly designed by learning professionals with years of ongoing training and experience, with some of them coming from top accredited universities. Furthermore, they are regularly being reviewed to keep them up to date with marketplace demands.

Flexible Payment Options

We understand very well how learning accessibility and affordability is key to Africa’s development therefore we are making different payment options available so that even those without a formal bank account can be able to pay from their mobile wallets and can afford to get quality education. Our payment gateway supports payments from local mobile money wallets in 16 African countries that are powered by Airtel, Mpesa, MTN, Pesa, Tigo and Vodacom. This is in addition to your local debit cards for select African countries and all international debit and credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Diners etc.

Worldclass Support

We offer various levels of support depending on the plan purchased and the location of the purchasing individual or organisation and these vary between phone, email, online and onsite support to ensure seamless implementation and enjoyment of our learning services and technologies.

Who Do We Serve

Public service, Banks, Other Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, Franchises, Government, Healthcare, Municipalities, Energy, Education, Manufacturing, Mining, Technology, Membership Organisations, Associations

Our Awesome Team

Linda Chitemere

Linda Chitemere

Founder & CEO

Loves travelling, learning new things and Africa, so sharing the gift of learning naturally brings her so much pleasure!

Sandra Shamu

Sandra Shamu

Director of Marketing

Enjoys exploring the digital space, developing commerce enhancing apps, travelling & throwing an exotic meal.

Nyarai Kurebgaseka

Nyarai Kurebgaseka

Non-Executive Director

Her fascination with plants has led her into exploring cosmetic, food, essential,   pharmaceutical, & food oils & ingredients 





We believe in partnerships because as they say if you want to go far, go with others. However, in our case wanting to go fast means we can’t go it alone. Thus we work with a team of dedicated consultants, instructors, course creators and affiliates who are part of our extended family and support our core team.

Free Courses

Free courses to introduce you to and enhance your learning experience are found here. Go ahead and enroll. Spaces are limited

Expert Tracks

This catalogue contains courses and learning paths that are carefully designed and grouped together to help you achieve expertise in a certain discipline.

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