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The marketplace is changing at an amazingly fast rate due to all the  changes happening in the technology space. This also means that keeping up with the change has also become easier and that the possibility to unleash the potential within you is at your fingertips, literally. It has never been easier to stay ahead of the pack with your game!


Your family and skills goals no longer have to be at odds. Schedule your studies flexibly


Increase the value you bring to the table and and experience fulfilment in your career

Flawless Collaboration

Teams are as strong as the weakest team member and one sure way of developing strong teams is to ensure that each team member has the requisite skills set for their role to adequately complement and support the other teams members

learn & share

Make it easy for your teams to share learning in context, while having fun too!

Create Results

And track individual, team and organisation wide results easily, including your ROI.

World-Class Productivity

Productivity is now more about the tools an organisation uses and how it harnesses its most important resource, its people. And as the operating landscape and these tools evolve, so must its people and how they learn.

personalised learning

Deliver learning that targets and delivers context sensitive and personalised learning.

future focused

Keep up with evolving trends, anticipate change and prepare your workforce in advance.

Prepare For The Job Marketplace

The job marketplace has become so competitive and the expectations from employers so high. You stand a better to excel when  you hit the ground running and enter the marketplace with a lead on the skills employers are looking for.

equip yourself

Take the flexible learning that won’t interfere with your classes schedule, but complements it in a big way!

get a headstart

By the time graduation comes round, you should be sure that you are ready to roll and strut your stuff!

Ready to Start Your Journey to Becoming an Expert?

Our carefully designed and bundled courses and learning paths help  you achieve a level of expertise in your chosen field to give your career a really noticeable productivity boost. Become that go to person!

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learn to speak like a     

native first!


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Intelligent Learning Platforms

The CriticalSkills360 suite of learning and productivity platforms enable companies, government departments, universities, schools, NGOs, professional bodies etc to deliver intelligent, personalised, on-the-job learning to employees, students, customers, sales channel and other partners and members increasing productivity, return on investment and directly aligning learning to goals at a fraction of the cost of other delivery methods.  

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Learning Management and Engagement Systems

The CriticalSkills360 suite of LMSs are platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions built to deliver flexible online training on any device through various methods like self-paced, instructor-led and webinars. The LMSs fully support e-learning standards like SCORM and TinCan and are extendable through add-ons and APIs to hook up to your existing or new software like HR software.

Digital Adoption & Performance Support 

Did you know that learners remember only 30% of  what they learn through formal training and that formal training is only 20% of all employee learning? That means 80% is on-the-job learning. With our GPS for software, your employees won’t get stuck and you can reduce the time and resources spent on formal training and on support from IT and other internal and external resources.

Board Management and Engagement Systems

The adage everything rises and falls on leadership is so true for boards as they provide the strategic and stewardship direction and barometer for the organisations they lead. If strong governance practises and capabilities are not evident at this level, the rest of the organisation will follow the signals they receive from the top. Therefore it is incumbent upon the stakeholders to ensure these are in place to preserve their investment.


Ready to Boost Productivity    through Contextualised Customer  & Employee Learning ?

Get It Done With Us

What we know is that outstanding skills without the right tools lead to frustration and stunted giants! So we have put together the right set of tools transform the learning development of teams and organisation and energise individuals, teams and organisational performance 

Productivity Software & Tools

Achieve your goals through automation and digitalisation. From setting up your organisation through to optimising your organisational performance, we are here to help you along the way with the right software and tools that set you aprt from eCommerce, CRM, HR, process guides, collaboration and communication tools.

Custom Course & Marketing Content Development

Harness the tacit knowledge of your organisation’s experts and your existing face to face training material. We help you transform your custom  Word, PDF and PPt  content and that  valuable tacit content in the minds of your organisation experts into fantastic, engaging and interactive learning material using such enhancements as animations, interactive videos and scenario storytelling,


What Our Students Say

I’ve been using these app for around 5 minutes and it is already my new favorite language learning app! I’ve used many in the past but none have been as “smart” as this app! It’s very well designed and thought-out, allowing quick and easy learning! I am currently learning Japanese. I believe I’ll progress significantly faster than ever before.

Sandro Magradze

What I like about the app itself: The variety of ways used to teach and reinforce new vocabulary & skills, like grammar, is very effective. The simple point system and stars are just enough of gamification to keep me going. (It’s so easy to just one more lesson because they’re so short!) And it’s awesome to find an app with Finnish, a rarity.


This app teaches conversational parts of the language, much better than other language programs which start teaching you random nouns. Excellent app, highly recommend!

Avram Walden